Bonaire gets new coalition

BONAIRE–“Movementu di Pueblo Boneriano” (MPB) of Elvis Tjin-Asjoe reached agreement on forming a new government with independent (former UPB) Island Council members Jeanoushka “Nunu” Raphaela and Esther Bernabela.

The incoming coalition will maintain the island’s current constitutional as part of the Caribbean Netherlands for now, but wants The Hague to meet its commitments and has improvement points mentioned in the Spies evaluation report high on the agenda.

A government programme will be presented within 30 days. Issues of attention include increasing the pension and minimum wage, reducing the cost of doing business, subsidised day care for children, as well as free Internet at educational institutes and community centres.

The new Executive Council will be installed on Monday, but it’s not clear yet who will become the three commissioners.

Source: Daily Herald
Bonaire gets new coalition