Bonaire has a new coalition

BONAIRE–”Movementu di Pueblo Boneriano” (MPB) signed a new governing accord for Bonaire with independent Island Council members Clark Abraham and Jeanoushka “Nunu” Raphaela.

MPB-leader Elvis Tjin-Asjoe had pulled the plug on the former coalition, because he could no longer work with UPB’s James Kroon and also independent member Esther Bernabela. The three current partners will each have one – still to be named – commissioner.

The nominee of MPB will be in charge of Social Affairs and Wellbeing, Health Care, Education and Culture, Labour, Civil Services, Personnel and Organisation, as well as the Socio-economic Agenda.

Clark’s representative in the Executive Council is to handle Economic Development, Tourism and Investment, General and Judicial Affairs (including constitutional structure), Finance, ICT, Communication, Post and Archives, Facility Matters, Sports Policy, Supervision and Enforcement.

Raphaela’s nominee will take care of Spatial Planning, Infrastructure, Urban Development and Domain, Public Housing, Traffic and Transport, Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock, Environmental and Nature Management, Sustainable Waste Processing and Sports Affairs.  

Source: The Daily Herald