Boulder crashes through window at STENAPA | THE DAILY HERALD

Ranger Erik Houtepen (left) working on a temporary window fix.

The damage caused by the falling boulder inside the STENAPA building.


ST. EUSTATIUS–A boulder crashed through an office window of St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation STENAPA on Sunday morning.

STENAPA Director Clarisse Buma said that around 12:00pm marine park ranger Francois Mille came upon the scene and saw what had taken place and notified her immediately.

Buma said that glass was everywhere, so that she and a cleaning lady had been busy cleaning everything up. The STENAPA staff erected a temporary fix for the window, but Buma said that it was “clear” that wooden shutters are not safe enough.

“I am in shock. I could have been killed. There is glass all over on and around my desk. I know the government are working on a technical solution to make the cliff-side safe. This takes time. But please start removing the goats immediately. We see them destroying the cliff piece by piece, day by day. How long do we [have – Ed.] to wait before anyone gets killed?” Buma said in an emotional plea to the island government.

She explained how close her desk was to where the boulder smashed into the window and shattered the glass. According to Buma, “a temporary retaining wall is a top priority.”

This is not the first time a boulder has caused damage to the STENAPA building. One boulder smashed into the side of the building and another smashed in an adjacent office window.

Source: The Daily Herald