BREAKING NEWS – Carjacking causes major damage in Cole Bay Wednesday

COLE BAY–Police are currently searching for a man who stole a black car in Cay Bay on Wednesday afternoon and went on a joy ride.

Police officers rushed to the location and spotted the vehicle on Welfare Road. A high speed chase started and in the process, the black car severely damaged approximately 8 vehicles while trying to get away from police.

Police fired several shots towards the vehicle which turned into Windsor Road and eventually came to a halt. The man jumped out of the stolen vehicle and managed to run over several rooftops in a successful effort to avoid capture.

Police Spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson informed The Daily Herald that the man caused major damage to other vehicles and police are investigating the incident. The stolen vehicle was seen parked in the Cay Bay district.

Police continue to search the area, however officials suspect that the man had already left the Cay Bay area. No person was hurt during the chase on Wednesday.

Source: The Daily Herald