Brief load shedding on Friday evening

PHILIPSBURG–Utilities company GEBE resorted to load shedding briefly on Friday evening, but failed to provide a reason for this move.

Following reports of outages in several districts, GEBE media relations official Paula Gordon told media operatives last night that the company had been load shedding.

Early districts affected were Over the Bank and the Cannegieter cables, which were scheduled to be out from 7:05pm to 8:05pm; followed by the Belvedere and Cole Bay Lagoon areas which were also scheduled to be out for an hour. Gordon reported around 8:26pm that the load shedding had been discontinued.

The company did not provide any information on the reasons for the load shedding.

Information was also not provided on the reasons for Thursday night’s outages, which resulted in a near disaster with an incoming American Airlines flight.

Gordon said she will provide the information as soon as she receives answers.

Source: The Daily Herald