British navy ship arrives in time for hurricane season | THE DAILY HERALD

“HMS Dauntless”

ANGUILLA–The Governor’s Office has announced that as part the UK’s commitment to humanitarian and disaster relief, the Royal Navy’s most advanced destroyer HMS Dauntless (Type 45 destroyer) has been deployed to the Caribbean to support the British Overseas Territories during the hurricane sea-son.

The ship will remain in the Caribbean to respond to natural disasters during the region’s hurricane season from June to November. The ship will be making calls on several islands, including Anguilla, as a reassuring presence and to enable the crew to set up contacts with local services and authorities. This will ensure the most rapid and effective aid is provided in case of a hurricane. HMS Dauntless will also patrol the Caribbean to counter illicit activities, in particular, working with US Coast Guard and other law enforcement agencies against drug trafficking.

After several years out of action followed by nearly 12 months of intensive training at sea, the de-stroyer’s Commanding Officer Commander Ben Power said the vessel was raring to prove herself on the world stage again. “It has been a phenomenal journey taking the ship from Liverpool following the upgrade to the power and propulsion system through to our departure on time for operations, which highlights the performance of the equipment and the dedication and hard work of the crew,” he stated.

While in the Caribbean, HMS Dauntless will also head for Exercise Unitas and mark the 200th anni-versary of the Colombian Navy.

Source: The Daily Herald