Building at risk supported ahead of Carnival Parade | THE DAILY HERALD

It was a colourful display.

WILLEMSTAD–A building at 190 Breedestraat in Otrobanda, known for its poor condition for some time, was shored up by Curaçao authorities on Saturday, just before the “Grand Marcha” on Sunday. They took this emergency measure to ensure the safety of thousands of participants and spectators during the main carnival parades.


Dancing in the streets.

Due to the deteriorating condition of the old structure, worsened by recent heavy rainfall, and the potential danger it posed, government agencies decided not to take any chances.

That section of the route, running from the entrance of the old St. Elisabeth Hospital to Frederikstraat, was also cordoned off on Sunday morning and the public was urgently requested to avoid this area. As an additional precaution and to further minimise any risks, it was decided to stop the music during the passage of the Grand Street Parade later in the day.

The country is liable for negligence in hazardous situations during public events, as revealed in a previous court ruling. Government had to pay 2.3 million Netherlands Antillean guilders to someone who was trapped under a collapsing wall during the 2014 Carnival. As a result of the incident, the victim became paralysed and is now wheelchair-dependent.

The judge held the state liable for failing to cordon off the area to prevent people from getting close to the wall.

Source: The Daily Herald