Building Partnerships of Cooperation | THE DAILY HERALD

Governor Eugene Holiday spoke in The Hague recently about “Building Partnerships of Cooperation for Socio-Economic Stability” given at the reception at Domo Eclectica, hosted by Minister Plenipotentiary Jorien Wuite in his honour. He highlighted several areas for consideration partnerships that support investments in the tourism and hospitality infrastructure, cooperation that stimulates investments in the sustainability of the natural environment, cooperation that promotes investments in educational programmes, exchanges and access aimed at building capacity ; collaboration that supports the expansion and maintenance of quality medical services; and cooperation that strengthens our law enforcement institutions to combat forces that threaten the security, peace and stability required to offer our residents and visitors, the prosperity they aspire. “These are some essential areas for Sint Maarten as a small, open Caribbean country as we continue to chart our economic recovery and build a more hurricane-resilient and sustainable economy,” the governor told attendees.

Source: The Daily Herald