Burglary at Post Office, almost $80,000 taken

PHILIPSBURG–Postal Service St. Maarten (PSS) headquarters in Philipsburg was burglarised on Sunday when intruders found their way inside and managed to take close to US $80,000 from the company safe.

Detectives were on the scene Monday taking statements. Police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson was not aware of the burglary when contacted by The Daily Herald for details. Detectives had not yet filed their reports, according to Henson.

PSS Interim Director Lucrecia Antonia Wilson told this newspaper in a statement, “PSS regrets the closure of its operations on Monday due to a break-in which took place over the weekend. PSS management will continue to take the necessary steps to remedy this breach in its security.

“PSS management reminds all employees to report back to work on Tuesday morning, while it will officially resume full operations to the public on Wednesday morning. We apologise to our loyal customers for the inconvenience this may have caused due to this unfortunate situation.”

Source: Daily Herald
Burglary at Post Office, almost $80,000 taken