Bus and a pickup collide on Belair Road | THE DAILY HERALD

Firefighters assist the trapped bus driver out his vehicle on Friday.

PHILIPSBURG–Two vehicles collided head-on during the heavy traffic flow at 3:15pm on Belair Road near the intersection of Divi Little Bay Resort on Friday.

Both cars suffered severe damage and the driver of the pick-up was stuck in his vehicle before being taken out and transported to the Emergency Room for immediate treatment.

The other vehicle involved was a public transportation driver who ended up with his foot caught under the dashboard of the bus. Firefighters came to the rescue and assisted both drivers.

The driver of the pick-up received more injuries then the bus driver. The bus driver was treated by paramedics while the heavy afternoon traffic in the area came to a standstill. Police officers arrived shortly after the accident and directed traffic until both persons were dealt with by emergency services.

The scene of the accident in Belair. The accident caused a traffic jam from Cay Hill to Cole Bay.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/77202-bus-and-a-pickup-collide-on-belair-road