Businesses file official complaints with Police

PHILIPSBURG–Representatives of a large number of local businesses that were broken into post-Hurricane Irma are now filing official complaints with the Detective Department, according to police on Sunday.

These official complaints are filed for police to carryout have an official investigation and have those involved held responsible for their actions. At least 20 well-known establishments, such as jewellery, furniture, electronica, air-conditioning and motorcycle stores have filed official complaints. More complaints are expected to be filed by other businesses.
The investigation into the mass looting continues to expand as more suspects are identified and arrested. Many looted items are being confiscated. This investigation will continue to move forward with the assistance of the police forces of Aruba, Curaçao, the Netherlands, the Volunteer Corps of Curaçao VKC and St. Maarten VKS, the Royal Marechaussee and the Customs Department.
Vital information regarding looting continues to reach the police, which without any doubt demonstrates that the community will not accept this type of criminal act and will do what is necessary to assist in solving this case.
A stern warning by the Police Force goes out to the community to be aware of what has been going on since the massive looting after Hurricane Irma and not to purchase any items from third parties without proof of legitimate ownership.
The prices for which these items are sold are mostly less than the value of that item. If, during this investigation, persons are caught with any new items for which no proof of ownership can be shown to police, it is possible that this item will be confiscated.
Persons run the risk of becoming a suspect, being arrested as part of the investigation and having to go through the judicial process.

Source: The Daily Herald