Businesses fined for defying regulations | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–The St. Maarten Police Force KPSM says it issued fines to several businesses on Monday for defying government’s order that non-essential businesses close at 6:00pm from Monday to Saturday.

  The businesses that were issued fines were repeat offenders, having violated the non-essential business closure regulation at least once in the past few days. A number of first-time violators were given warnings, said police.

  “Over the last few days, it has become apparent that several companies that are designated as non-essential did not comply with the established rules and are remaining open in violation of the law.

  “During several controls carried out on March 23, the police were forced to issue fines to several businesses who did not comply with the rules to stay closed. We are asking the owners of non-essential businesses to comply with the measures laid down in the law by the competent authority.

  “The Police Force of St. Maarten is hereby making it abundantly clear that businesses who are in violation of the rules and regulations will be reprimanded to the fullest extent of the law,” said police in a press release on Tuesday afternoon.

  The Police Force said it has also increased patrols in connection with measures taken by government to stop the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

  “We are aware that expanding patrol units on the street will give the public of St. Maarten a feeling of safety and security in these troubling times. In bettering the service to the public, officers were given various work assignments such as monitoring the traffic situation and maintaining public order.

  “A special assignment was also given to enforce the rule that all non-essential companies must remain closed in connection with the measure implemented by the Chairperson of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) [Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs – Ed.] to protect the health of the general public,” said police.

Source: The Daily Herald