Businesses in difficulty can obtain funds from April 15 | THE DAILY HERALD

MARIGOT—The Collectivité and Public Finance Center inform businesses that the procedures for benefitting from the Solidarity Fund can be carried out from Wednesday, April 15, on the national platform website

  A deadline for implementing the Solidarity Fund is necessary for certain overseas territories, including St. Martin, given their specific tax characteristics, in order to harmonise de-materialised procedures with those of the Ministry of Public Accounts.

  The Chamber of Commerce CCISM via its “Guichet Unique Entreprise” platform to assist businesses from the consequences of COVID-19 informs them that the dossier for claiming partial activity can be downloaded from the site before April 16, 2020.

  This is about claiming for a reduction in activity, partial (chômage partielle) or total reduction (chômage total). Businesses need to consider if they have activity today, they do not know what tomorrow will bring.  

  More information can be obtained by email:

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, by phone (0590) 27.91.51 or Whatsapp (0590 690) 75.40.17.


Source: The Daily Herald