Cable TV staff to get severance package above legal requirement

MADAME ESTATE–The TelEm Group will be offering St. Maarten Cable TV staffers a severance package that is way above what is legally required, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kendall Dupersoy told The Daily Herald.

The TelEm Group will also be offering coaching, training and offering assistance in areas such as rewriting of the workers Curriculum Vitae (CV) to those who need it and those who want to become reemployed.
Additionally, if an opening becomes available within the TelEm Group in the future, the company will first look internally and after that will look at the former St. Maarten Cable TV staffers before hiring externally.
Dupersoy said when TelEm purchased the assets of St. Maarten Cable TV, staffers were aware that there would be job losses due to redundant positions. He said the company was not profitable. St. Maarten Cable TV currently has 28 employees and four contractors, who work for the company. “We want to offer severance to everyone and see how many will accept it and we will see how to go from there.”
The TelEm Group [management – Ed.] was expected to meet with Cable TV staff yesterday, Friday, to apprise them of the options the company is looking at. “We would have loved to maintain full employment in TelEm for all Cable TV workers, but that is simply not possible without serious negative impact to the entire TelEm Group,” he said.
“TelEm is not happy that we have to make this tough decision especially at this time but, based on the sales agreement we have until end of December to come to a decision. We are still negotiating so all options are on the table,” Dupersoy added. “Personally this is a very uncomfortable decision for me to have to make. I am very sad that the possibility exist that some persons may be unemployed if we can’t come to some sort of concession, but in any case the employees will be offered a severance package well above what is legally required.”

Source: The Daily Herald