Cadisco gas station blocked as Webster land protest continues | THE DAILY HERALD

Randy Webster gestures in front of the blocked Cadisco Gas Station in Orient Bay. (Robert Luckock photo)

MARIGOT—The Cadisco gas station in Orient Bay was closed off to customers since early Saturday morning by the Webster family in a continuation of the land dispute with the Cadisco owners.

  It was the first protest action by the Websters and their supporters since the aborted meeting with the préfet some 10 days ago.  A flat-bed trailer and a back hoe were seen blocking the entrances to the gas station.

  The Websters have title to the three-hectare parcel of land in Griselle since 1985 but in April of this year the parcel was auctioned off by the appointed administrator handling the Beauperthuy succession, based on a court ruling, and purchased by Cadisco, up until that point paying rent to the Websters as tenants. The Websters refuse to acknowledge the Cadisco owners are now owners of the land, and claim Cadisco cannot show title to the land.

  “We came here since 6:00am to block the gas station because we are defending our rights,” said Randy Webster. “Somebody from Cadisco tried to remove the flat bed but we put it back and put a truck there as well. Then later somebody came to hot wire our truck to try to move it. We explained to the Gendarmes that we are in our rights; we have title to the land. This guy (Cadisco) needs to straighten up or leave. There’s nothing in between.”

  Webster said the gas station will be blocked indefinitely. Attempts to get the side of the Cadisco gas station owners for their side of the dispute has been unsuccessful so far.

Source: The Daily Herald