Calibration training in Saba in December | THE DAILY HERALD


POND ISLAND–A group of civil servants from the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunication (TEATT) are set to travel to Saba in December to participate in a five-day calibration training to be conducted by two experts from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The National Ordinance on Metrology Calibration (in Dutch: Metrologie Ijkwet) will form an integral part of the training, which will be both practical and theoretical exercises.

“It is the responsibility of the Minister of TEATT to ensure consumer protection. This means that what you pay for at any outlet that uses a scale or any device to measure or weigh what they give you, [the scale or device – Ed.] should be appropriately calibrated and routinely inspected to ensure accuracy,” said TEATT Minister Stuart Johnson on Wednesday

His announcement followed queries by National Alliance Member of Parliament Egbert Doran about the effectiveness of the country’s Calibration Department.

Source: The Daily Herald