Calypso artistes prepare for Friday’s eliminations

PHILIPSBURG–Calypsonians have been busy rehearsing for the upcoming NAGICO Calypso Eliminations under the tent at Princess Port de Plaisance Resort scheduled for Friday, March 31. During the rehearsal sessions on Saturday, the calypsonians took time to pull the numbers that determine the line-up of the competition.

  Rehearsals continue this week at the home of the bandleader in Cole Bay, not at John Larmonie Centre as previously announced. D Orchestra is the band charged with providing the musical accompaniment for the calypsonians.

  In the eliminations, each calypsonian will perform one song which will be judged on lyrical contents, presentation, rendition and melody. The songs must be original, never sung in previous competitions and released after May 2016.

  The songs cover a number of different topics: utilities company GEBE, the dump, Government and other social and political issues. Organisers extend an invitation to everybody, particularly GEBE’s management, all Ministers and parliamentarians, civil servants and schoolteachers to attend the show to hear for themselves how the calypsonians and, by extension, the public feel about them and their performance.

  Singing first on Friday evening will be newcomer Lady Righteous and veteran calypsonian King Barrow will close the competition in the number 20 spot. The other contenders are The Wizard, The Mighty Chipman, The Mighty Dando, Ricky Da Phox, His Majesty Baker Jr., Fish the Mega Boss, Doctor Ray, The Mighty Pepper, The Mighty Carlix, King Repeater, Lady Baker, Kaiso Brat, Ebony Empress, King Beau Beau, D Monitor, Empress Zee, The Mighty Magic and Young Carlix the Protégé.

  Ten of these will be selected by the judges to move on to the finals on April 20 against the defending Monarch, Shakiya.

  Entrance fee to the show is US $15 payable only at the gate.

Source: The Daily Herald