Calypso Royalty Show brings Statia in the mood

Ramona “Sexy Mona” Duinkerk singing “Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue.”


ST. EUSTATIUS–Oldtimers, newcomers, and even visitors, took the stage during the Calypso Royalty Show at Mike van Putten Youth Center/Lion’s Den on Sunday night.

  Master of Ceremonies “The Man Lyric” introduced singers like Lorraine “Queen Gene” Arnaud, who brought back memories of her dad Walton “Lord Gene” Schmidt, when she performed his “What they know’ bout Jamming,” and other songs that made him popular.

  From the get go, the audience was very much into the event, as they sang along with all the tunes.

  Carla Duinkerk, a first-time Calypsonian, and backup singer and member of the musical group Joey and Friends, sang Mighty Kitchener tunes. She told the audience that she is not a Calypsonian, but she would try the thing, and she did.

  Crowd favourite was The Man Ply Redan singing songs of Mighty Fats, especially “That wrong” was well received.

  Ramona “Sexy Mona” Duinkerk sang “Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue,” as she was dressed in the colours of the Dutch flag.

  Former Calypso King Problem Child also contributed, as did Michael “Freshman” Daniel. His son Bomba, who competed in Thursday’s Battle of the Future #3, introduced himself to the crowd. Henry “Rocky” Schmidt sang “Statia People need someone to stand up for them.”   Winston “Man from the Fifth Floor” Fleming also entertained the crowd with one of his winning songs “Horning, and I didn’t Know,” as the crowd sang along. Sjahairah “Lady Shorteh,” another former Calypso champion, was also live on stage.

  A visitor from Trinidad became so emotional that he took to the stage to sing about the island and its people, singing: “Statia people are nice, Statia people are sweet, Statia people are the best people in the World.” The Runn Things production surely was a show to remember for a long time.

Source: The Daily Herald