Campaigning now not allowed ‘in immediate area’ of polling stations

PHILIPSBURG–Just over twenty-four hours after issuing election guidelines establishing that no political campaigning was allowed within 200 metres of polling stations on Election Day, September 26, the Ministry of Justice made a change putting new limits in place.

The new guideline states no political parade or gathering are allowed “in the immediate area” of the twenty polling stations.

  The “immediate area” will be left “to the judgement of the police, in the interest of public order.”

  Justice Minister Edson Kirindongo told The Daily Herald the change was made to ensure there was no miscommunication or conflict between the public and police. Removing the distance limitation means the Police will determine on a case-by-case basis what “immediate” constitutes.

  The change made on Friday was not the first to be made to the ministerial guidelines. The first version sent to the press on Thursday afternoon had listed the date for the parliamentary elections as September 29, three days after the decreed day. This was subsequently rectified in a new version, also disseminated on Thursday.

Source: Daily Herald
Campaigning now not allowed ‘in immediate area’ of polling stations