Can tabs for wheelchairs

Mid-Isle Rotarians had heard of a project out of Canada called “Can Tabs for Wheelchairs for Children” from Rotarian Lezlie Murch of The Rotary Club of St. Catherines and were keen to help. Rotary Club of St. Maarten-Mid Isle has been diligently collecting for the “Can Tabs for Wheelchairs for Children” project for the last six months and Mid-Isle Rotarians, with the help of Isabelle of Mary’s Boone, Bibi of Lal’s, Sally of Vesna Taverna and Bombay Bites, were able to collect 5.5 pounds of can tabs which were presented to Rotarian Lezlie at a recent Mid-Isle meeting. It takes approximately 3,000,000 can tabs to be able to purchase a wheelchair.

The can tabs are sold to a metal recycling centre in Canada for their aluminium value at approximately 65-80 Canadian cents per pound. Mid-Isle will now be working with Player Development Foundation SXM and The Rotary Club of St. Catherines to collect can tabs to have a wheelchair for a child sent here to St. Maarten. “We presently have Chesterfield’s, Avantika, Lal’s, Mary’s Boone, Vesna Taverna, Bombay Bites, Maya Indian Restaurant and The Taste Factory helping collect cans,” said the board on Sunday. 

Source: The Daily Herald