Candy and gifts for children on Dec. 26

Jeff Jhangiani with author Jacky Rom and I Can Foundation Director Cassandra Gibbs.


PHILIPSBURG–DK Gem’s jewellery store owner/partner Jeff Jhangiani and some of his friends have been around the island helping wherever they can for the past seven weeks. They have been distributing food, clothing and even furniture.

  Jhangiani started his charitable work assisting homeless persons staying at Festival Village. Jacky Rom, a United Kingdom (UK) author, assisted Jhangiani and they are presently helping I CAN Foundation home and CSI (Centre symphorien d’insertion) in French Quarter, a community centre for children and families, with a goal to establish a library.

  Jacky Rom has collected more than 400 children’s books and will arrive this week from the UK. These books will be shared equally between Philipsburg Jubilee Library, CSI and ICAN foundation.

  The two are also waiting on 800 candy bags and a large number of children’s gifts donated by persons around the world. The gifts and candy will be distributed to children around the island on December 26. 

Source: The Daily Herald