“Cannon projectile” discovered | THE DAILY HERALD

The St. Maarten Archaeological Center SIMARC Foundation is up and running again, helping to protect and preserve the island’s archaeological heritage. During construction work along the upper parts of the Monte Vista Road, a “cannon projectile” was discovered by Ronald Wever (left) in a context deep underground. He brought it to SIMARC for inspection and preservation of material-culture heritage. On first observation, it appears to be a mid-20th-century cannon projectile, perhaps of World War II age, and used for target practice on the mountainside. The police have been notified and invited to inspect the projectile, so as to confirm it is safe. “This is another excellent example of how it is very important the community supports the preservation of our unique St. Maarten heritage, by submitting and having historical artefacts preserved at the SIMARC facility, said SIMARC director Jay Haviser (right).

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/cannon-projectile-discovered