Cap Juluca progressing well with upgrading – access to be limited

Maundays Bay beach, where Belmond Cap Juluca is located.


ANGUILLA–In an address to the nation on Friday, March 16, Minister of Social Development Evans McNiel Rogers described the progress at Belmond Cap Juluca. He also announced a change in the access to the beach while construction is taking place. Belmond Inc purchased Cap Juluca from previous owners Linda and Charles Hickox in June 2017.

He said that access to beaches is very important but at this time the safety of residents and visitors also has to be considered. Therefore access to Maundays Bay will be through Firefly Lane and access through Belmond Cap Juluca will be closed, although it will be possible to access Cove Bay on foot and persons who fish on the rocks there will be allowed to access the area from the Cove.

He assured the public that when the hotel re-opens on November 1 all public access and parking will be as usual but greatly upgraded like the rest of the project.

Belmond Cap Juluca is renovating the entire project and will operate as an upgraded 5-star facility. The project involves the construction of five new villas and there will be a new spa, a ballroom, a new pool, a beach barbecue and bar. The new construction also includes a new staff building and cafeteria. All the existing villas, Pimms Restaurant and all the landscaping and access roads will be upgraded.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding, Belmond is to maintain all existing beach access and parking for use by the public. Belmond continues to express the view that the upgraded and expanded facility will be one the people of Anguilla will be proud of and it wishes to see the facilities used by visitors and locals alike.

“Fellow Anguillians, yesterday [Thursday, March 15, – Ed.] my colleagues and I visited the project and I can report we were impressed by the progress to date and overly pleased to learn and see the number of local people employed at the project. On the construction side there are around 150 workers employed in management and construction on site, with over 95 per cent being local. Belmond Cap Juluca itself has another 17 of their hotel workers employed at this time.”

Source: The Daily Herald