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La Maison de Saint-Martin in Paris played host to an exhibition by local photographer Claudio Arnell on Saturday, April 13. As visitors wandered through the exhibition, they were treated to a curated selection of photographs that not only showcase Claudio Arnell's exceptional talent but also invite them to see Saint Martin through a his camera’s lens. Story on page .


PARIS, France–La Maison de Saint-Martin in Paris played host to an exhibition by local photographer Claudio Arnell on Saturday, April 13. This venue serves as the headquarters of the Collectivité of French Saint Martin, making it a fitting backdrop for Arnell’s celebration of heritage and culture.

Arnell’s exhibition, titled “The Exhibition La Case”, was a visual journey that aims to capture the rich tapestry of St. Martin’s history, architecture and local expertise. “The aim of this exhibition is to showcase our heritage and culture through historical architectural decor and local expertise in the field,” said Arnell, highlighting his commitment to preserving and honouring the island’s unique identity.

The photographs on display chronicle Arnell’s return to the island in 2016 and capture St. Martin’s evolving landscape. “Since my return to the island in 2016, our landscape has evolved, our infrastructure has adapted for the most part, while others have remained static,” explained Arnell.

His photographs serve as a poignant reflection of the island's resilience and adaptability, portraying both the changes and the enduring elements that define St. Martin. Beyond showcasing the physical beauty of the island, Arnell’s exhibition also carries a deeper emotional resonance.

La Maison de Saint Martin serves as a refuge and co-working space for students from the island who are living abroad in Europe. Recognising the importance of this space as a connection to home for these students, Arnell was determined to present a body of work that reinforces the notion that “home is where the art is.”

In an age where cultural heritage is increasingly at risk, exhibitions like Arnell’s serve as important reminders of the value of preserving and celebrating our shared history and traditions. Through his lens, Arnell invites us to appreciate the beauty and complexity of Saint Martin, encouraging us to cherish and protect the places that we call home.


Source: The Daily Herald