Car inspection centres closed, reopening possible next week


MARIGOT–The two main car inspection centres in Hope Estate, Grand Case, are still closed since the hurricanes due to damage to both facilities. However, it is understood efforts are being made to open at least one of the centres next week.
Currently the Collectivité’s Civil Registry can deliver a “carte grise” only for a new car, but not for other cars as the “contrôle technique” document is required.

The Gendarmerie’s Lt. Colonel Sébastien Manzoni said Gendarmes would not fine drivers if they can prove they were unable to obtain the carte grise after the passing of Hurricane Irma.

However, non- possession of documents, or invalid documents prior to Irma will still incur a fine if stopped in a control.
Fourth Vice-President Steven Patrick in charge of transport said it was his understanding an inspection centre would open next week. Colonel Manzoni said that was his understanding as well.


No further clarification could be obtained from the Préfecture on Friday afternoon. Efforts to contact the individual operators of the private inspection centres to ascertain their situations have been unsuccessful so far.

Source: The Daily Herald