Caribbean Tribes wins Best Troupe title in Statia Carnival Grand Parade | THE DAILY HERALD

Two-time Best Carnival Troupe Caribbean Tribes performing on stage at Carnival Village.

Miss Mature Queen Jineidy Bolan on top of the “Charlie Brown, Under the Sea” float.


ST. EUSTATIUS–Caribbean Tribes won the title of Best Troupe in the Grand Parade of St. Eustatius’ 2018 Carnival. Led by Julissa Woodley and Sharday Bennett, the reigning champions successfully defended their title in becoming two-time champions.

Five troupes took part in Saturday’s and Sunday’s Parades, including Carnival Survivors led by Jovita “Joan” Green; Caribbean Opals led by Charmaine George; Multi-mix led by Sjudi Redan and Island Gems troupe led by Daniela Richardson and Natasha Richardson. Island Gems costumes were made by Natasha Richardson.

Caribbean Tribes was the only troupe with a float in the parade. The float called “Charlie Brown, Under the Sea,” had Miss Mature Queen Jineidy Bolan riding on top.

The participating troupes were judged on different criteria, being authenticity, creativity, group performance, most colourfully coordinated and stage presentation.

President of the Carnival Committee Teena Lopes presented the verdict of the jury. Caribbean Tribes emerged as winners with 194 points, followed by Caribbean Opals who received 162 points; Multi-mix came in third with 156 points.

The victory yielded Caribbean Tribes US $2,000 in prize money. Caribbean Opals won US $800 and Multi-mix received US $400.

After Sunday’s Parade, four troupes performed on stage to the delight of the very large crowd at Carnival Village in Mike van Putten Youth Centre.

Source: The Daily Herald