Carrefour, Celebrity Cruises initiative off to positive start | THE DAILY HERALD

Some of those involved

PHILIPSBURG–Carrefour Markets and Celebrity Cruises launched their COVID-19 Vaccination Registration and Appointment Drive on Saturday, May 15, with a special 20 per cent discount offer.

  The initiative was launched at Carrefour Market on Bush Road. A team of 12 volunteers spent the entire day on Saturday speaking with Carrefour customers and answering their questions.  The team included local experts on the Dutch side vaccination and registration process as well as medical staff from Celebrity Cruises.

  Belair Vaccination Center manager Jane Pattipeilohy, an infectious disease nurse from the Netherlands, paid a visit to the Carrefour/Celebrity Drive and said, “I am very pleased to see so many people asking questions and getting information about how to get vaccinated.

  “The more information we all learn about the reasons to vaccinate and to listen to the questions people have, the more we can align together and the faster we will reach our goal, the drive to 85 per cent of the population being vaccinated. This is the best way for us to protect each other and achieve a healthy and protected population.”

  Jeffrey “Dr. Soc” Sochrin of Island 92 Radio added, “We look forward to seeing even more people next Saturday, May 22, when we continue again here at Carrefour. Be sure to join us again next week on Saturday where you can register for your COVID-19 vaccine and get an appointment to be vaccinated. Please join us.

  “I would also like to thank Carrefour Markets and Celebrity Cruises for their generosity in sponsoring this event. And we also have to thank John Caputo of Domino’s for graciously feeding the volunteer team at lunchtime.

  “We’ll see everyone next Saturday, May 22, at Carrefour. Come on down.” 

  For more information about the Celebrity Cruises/Carrefour Market COVID-19 Registration and Appointment Drive, contact Dr. Soc at

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Source: The Daily Herald