Carrefour reopens this month with attractive improvements | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Carrefour Market, which suffered two major disasters in the span of nine months – Hurricane Irma in September 2017 and a fire in June 2018 – will be reopening its doors this month with a number of improvements and added quality products for shoppers.

  Shortly after it reopened after Irma, Carrefour Market was affected by a fire that started in its back-office area and destroyed part of the establishment’s roof and a section of the supermarket. The fire is believed to have been electrically related. Many items had to be replaced as a result of the fire and all the products being sold had to be disposed of due to fire, smoke and/or water damage.

  During a tour of Carrefour Market on Wednesday, workers were packing shelves and putting the final touches in place in preparation for the reopening.

  The store was completely remodelled from scratch and boasts, amongst many other things, a new roof with an open concept and new flooring. All the items in the establishment such as the coolers and freezers have been replaced.

  In addition to the spacious interior and wide assortment of products for which the establishment is known, the reopened Carrefour Market will boast a wider fresh produce section that stretches from the front all the way to the back of the market. The fresh produce section will also feature a special organic section for persons who are looking for healthier fresh produce. General Manager Thilak Pillai said the expansion is based on the growing demand for organic products.

  The food court and the bakery sections were also expanded with a full bakery preparation section. Carrefour Market will be baking its own line of fresh bread and bakery products. Customers will still be able to get breads of other brands, but the establishment will have more breads baked fresh in-house.  

  Pillai said the store will also be reintroducing its customer reward cards about a month after reopening. Customers will be given bonus points because the company is cognisant that customers had points on their cards prior to Hurricane Irma, but as a result of the computer that stored the information being looted, the company was unable to retrieve this information after the hurricane.

  The company has kept all of its workers during the months it has been closed, including the workers of Carrefour Market in Cole Bay, which is expected to reopen early next year. Pillai said the supermarket is happy to be at a point where it is close to reopening to serve the community of St. Maarten with a wide assortment of items under one roof.

  Customers should keep their eyes peeled for the reopening specials that will be offered.

Source: The Daily Herald