Casa Blanca brothel managers convicted of human trafficking

PHILIPSBURG–Management of Casa Blanca brothel in Oyster Pond has been convicted Tuesday of involvement in human trafficking, but has been acquitted of deprivation of liberty.

  Manager Augusto T.M. Reiph (39) and his sister, assistant manager Jessica P. Reiph (45), were both sentenced to two years, one of which was suspended, on two years’ probation. Casa Blanca N.V., its manager and assistant manager will each have to pay a fine of NAf. 15,000 for non-payment of taxes. Jessica Reiph was also convicted of illegal firearm possession.

  Four members of the family operating the king-size brothel were prosecuted for human trafficking, illegal restraint, and possession of illegal firearms. They also had to answer to charges of a number of tax crimes to the amount of NAf. 430,000.

  The Court held Augusto Reiph’s cousin David Eustace for a co-perpetrator in this case, as he had played an important role in the business, albeit for a shorter period of time. He was sentenced to 342 days in jail.

  The manager’s mother Calma Priest did not play a direct role in the exploitation of women, the Court reasoned, but she deliberately profited from the scheme. She was sentenced to imprisonment equal to her pre-trial detention of 44 days.

  The Court said that the imposed prison sentences were justified due to the severity of the charges. The considerably higher demands by the Prosecutor’s Office were, however, not followed because the Court found less charges proven. The Prosecutor’s Office had called for prison sentences ranging from four to eight years.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. You should be ashamed of yourselves for exploiting these women in such a horrible manner whereby you took their passports, charged them excessively so they were paying down debts only and penalized them for taking longer than 20 minutes with a client. But you go to church every Sunday as is all is well. Well let me tell you, fear God as God will have a righteous day with you!