Casa Blanca owner, three others arrested

Police search the home of the owner of Casa Blanca in Pointe Blanche on Monday morning. Six guns and digital equipment were confiscated during the search of four locations by the authorities. (John Halley photo)


~ Six guns, cash confiscated ~

OYSTER POND–Owner of Casa Blanca brothel C.P. has been arrested along with three other suspects believed to be involved in human trafficking.

  Members of the Royal Marechaussees, Kingdom Detective Cooperation Team RST, Customs, police and the Prosecutor’s Office jointly carried out searches in four buildings on Monday morning. Six firearms, documents, cash and digital equipment were found during the searches and confiscated for further investigation.

  A similar search was carried out in St. Eustatius at an erotic club that has ties to the suspects involved in this case.

  The investigation has the code name “Papagaai” and the local Prosecutor’s Office also intensively cooperated with the Prosecutor’s Office of the Dominican Republic. Two prosecutors and a detective from the Dominican Republic were also present during the searches.

  Three main suspects were arrested on suspicion of exploitation of mainly women from the Dominican Republic and a fourth suspect was arrested later for firearm possession.

  The house searches were led by the Judge of Instruction and the Prosecutor. The Chief Prosecutor of St. Maarten has requested the Minister of Justice to suspend Casa Blanca’s business licence while awaiting further criminal investigation and the verdict.

Source: The Daily Herald Casa Blanca owner, three others arrested