Cash offer to bring down Government

Yaël Plet

WILLEMSTAD–Curaçao Member of Parliament (MP) for MAN Yaël Plet spoke to various media about the alleged attempt to bribe him to throw down the now caretaker cabinet.

  He claims to have been approached before the PS-fraction consisting of Melvin Cijntje and Sherwin Leonora withdrew their support for the Government headed by Prime Minister Hensley Koeiman (MAN). The person in question supposedly offered money for Plet to defect to the opposition bloc, but he would not reveal any names.

  There is much speculation as to who is guilty of this attempted bribery. Plet only said that it was someone he knew from a distance.

  Plet did not want to comment either on how much money was offered to him, but several reports mention the amount of 300 thousand Antillean guilders.

  The MP indicated that he immediately informed party leader Koeiman about the attempt. Last week he also filed a complaint at the Prosecutor’s Office, which is now checking whether there are sufficient grounds to proceed with a criminal investigation.

Source: The Daily Herald