Cathedral of Thorns opened in Curaçao | THE DAILY HERALD

A massive work of art.


Scene during the festive launch.

WILLEMSTAD–The official opening of the Cathedral of Thorns took place at Bloemhof country house in Curaçao. The show with performances by local artists such as Elia Isenia, Kirk Claes, Melanie Sloot and Swindey Helm was directed by Felix de Rooy.

The cathedral will welcome visitors throughout this month February for the Ode to the Free Spirit. The programme involving the labyrinth of 25 million “sumpiñas” (thorns) which is open to other artists, will be kicked off by Studio Loos on Tuesday, February 4, and Wednesday, February 5.

The collective offers Curaçao something completely new. With innovative technology, Studio Loos “makes the cathedral sing” through inimitable futuristic algorithms.

“This special experience, where the etheric becomes earthly, is a must for all visitors who want to understand the essence of the cathedral by artist Herman van Bergen,” stated a press release.

Van Bergen himself was moved by the profound and artistic opening. “I am full of emotions and passion. Passion is the driving force behind this work I have been able to do. It would never have succeeded without passion,” he said.

Chairman Daisy Casimiri of the “Fundashon di Artista”, next to Van Bergen the main driver behind the initiative, was also honoured for her crucial contribution. The project was supported for five years by various entities including the Mondriaan Fund, Prince Bernhard Culture Fund Caribbean and “Reda Sosial” (Social Net).

Van Bergen and Casimiri thanked everyone who has believed in them over the years in the realisation of the 20-metre-high square artwork. “I certainly did not do this alone,” said the artist, “this is something of all of us.”

From Tuesday, February 4, the cathedral is also open daily from 9:00am to 2:00pm.

Source: The Daily Herald