CBA has completed relocation, still needs 150 tables and chairs

PHILIPSBURG–Charlotte Brookson Academy (CBA) for the Performance Arts has completed its relocation from University of St. Martin (USM) to the old Government Administration Building, however, the institution is still in need of 150 chairs and 150 tables so that classes can fully resume on Monday, December 5.

CBA official Claudette Forsythe-Labega said the relocation was completed on Wednesday, November 30, as USM had given the institution a deadline of up to 12:00pm on that day to vacate the premises. She said most of the efforts to temporarily borrow furniture from USM and from other institutions proved futile, hence the school is in desperate need of furniture. Milton Peters College (MPC) offered some of its furniture that had been in storage and these were accepted, the necessary repairs will be done to fix the broken ones so that they can be used. A total of 150 chairs and 150 tables are still needed. CBA will try to get some folding chairs in the interim so that classes can resume.

Labega said the school received a very positive response from two parents, who assisted in the relocation process, along with students and at one point assistance from the Department of Public Works.

Up to yesterday, Friday, students, teachers and other persons were busy cleaning, painting and organizing the various spaces, so that the classrooms can be set up. The students are excited and positive about the move, Labega noted.

The school is grateful for those who reached out to them, including businesses such as Sun Insurance that offered a US $400 voucher; ACE; Prime Minister William Marlin and his office; parents, students and others for their assistance.

Anyone interested in donating chairs and tables, or assisting in any other way can contact Labega at tel. 5207913.

Source: The Daily Herald