CCSU yet to review draft function books | THE DAILY HERALD

From left: Board Member of NAPB St. Maarten Janice Philips, President of NAPB Rogerrel Mauricia, President of WICSU/PSU Deborah Rombley and President of WITU Claire Elshot.


PHILIPSBURG–Labour unions representing justice workers say they have yet to review the function books received by the Committee of Civil Servants Unions (CCSU).

  Presidents of Windward Islands Civil Servants’ Union/Private Sector Union (WICSU/PSU), Police Union NAPB St. Maarten and Windward Islands Teachers Union (WITU) confirmed this in a press conference on Thursday.

  Union leaders of both WICSU/PSU and NAPB St. Maarten stated that the unions have yet to sit down and peruse the function books.

  During the press conference, President of WITU and CCSU member Claire Elshot stated that to facilitate the review of the function books, CCSU is busy setting up committees. These committees will allow members to divide and review the documents in an effective manner. Proposals of names for these committees have been submitted by the unions. She said it is now just a matter of coordinating the committees and beginning the task of finally reviewing the function books.

  CCSU was given a period of six weeks to review and provide its advice and suggestions to the Ministry of Justice.

  Elshot also disclosed that digital copies of the function books were already provided to the union leaders. Hard copies were not provided, as she noted making several copies of the documents would not be cost-effective.

  When questioned about the six-week period allotted for the review of the function books by the Ministry of Justice, Elshot assured that the unions are well within the timeline given.

  She explained that a recess period was documented by CCSU for the holiday season. If needed, she said there is a possibility for members of CCSU, via the chair, to submit a request for an extension on the six-week period.

  In her opening remarks, President of WICSU/PSU Deborah Rombley said the union hopes to have the support and input of its members.

  President of NAPB, Rogerrel Mauricia stated that the union plans to inform its members of its plans, and gather their input in reviewing the function books.

  A general meeting for all justice workers will be held at Little League Baseball Stadium on Monday, January 18, between 3:00pm and 5:00pm.

  Elshot encouraged all justice members to attend the meeting, where more information in regard to the function books and their review will be provided.

  In December 2020, CCSU received the draft function books for all nine departments in the Justice Ministry. Over the allotted six-week period, CCSU will review and then submit its recommendations back to the ministry. The function books will then go to the Advisory Council which will render some advice. Once completed, the function books will go to Governor Eugene Holiday, and will be enacted through a national decree.

Source: The Daily Herald