Celestine Hamilton opening Trini Flavors in St. Eustatius | THE DAILY HERALD

Celestine Hamilton barbequing some Trinidad salmon.

ST. EUSTATIUS–American founding father Alexander Hamilton was known to have spent his youth in St. Eustatius. Now a “new” Hamilton, Celestine Hamilton from Trinidad, is also making a buzz on the “Historical Gem” by opening a truly Caribbean restaurant using local spices, herbs, produce, meat, poultry and fish.

  The secret behind the cuisine at Trini Flavors in Golden Rock is in the marinade.

  “We marinate our stall meat and poultry in an authentic lime, herb and spice mix. Ingredients are sourced from Made in Statia and other local growers. Lime vinegar, basil, peppers, wild coriander, thyme and oregano are used overnight to tenderise and add flavour to lamb, beef and chicken.”

  Hamilton is well known for his rotis. “Customers tell me that they are the biggest and most flavourful, especially the whole wheat dough option.”

  Opening a restaurant in these challenging times may seem a risky undertaking, but “Hamil”, as he is known locally, is not dissuaded. “We opened in February this year for breakfast and lunch only. The venue is now attracting a nice and regular crowd. Last Sunday, a top travel writer visited our lunch barbecue and was so impressed that he wanted to live on our premises.”

  Hamilton said he may open his restaurant for dinner guests at a later stage. “We are already catering for reasonably-sized parties in the evening. Trinidad is known for its fusion of many cultures, including the game of cricket. We will take up the bat when ready.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/celestine-hamilton-opening-trini-flavors-in-st-eustatius