Chamber to host Bush Tea Networking event

MARIGOT–St. Martin’s Chamber of Commerce (CCISM) is to host its first “Bush Tea Networking” event for 2017 at the Maison des Entreprises in Concordia from 2.30 to 3.30pm Monday, December 11.

Under the theme “Dispositifs BPIfrance,” the main focus of this event is to provide attendees with precise information on investment and cash flow loans via BPIfrance.

In a relaxed format conducive to exchanges, the session moderated by an agent of BPIfrance Guadeloupe will commence with a presentation, followed by an open floor for questions and answers.

As announced before, the Chamber is placing emphasis on outreach and expanding its service offerings to the business community. “BUSH TEA NETWORKING” along with “MEET WITH AN EXPERT” sessions are two recurrent free opportunities to which entrepreneurs should look forward.

Space being limited, registration is necessary beforehand via e-mail at

[email protected]

Source: The Daily Herald