Chance-Duzant candidate for Parliamentary elections

MARIGOT–Patricia Chance-Duzant officially declared her candidacy for the upcoming Parliamentary elections on June 10 and 17 during a press conference in Roland Richardson’s art gallery recently. Her substitute (suppléante) is Geraldine Tell.

Chance Duzant (68) is currently the representative for District Council two since 2014. As a lawyer in St. Martin, she has accumulated considerable professional experience and qualifications in legal matters. having practised law in the USA as well.  

“Throughout my life I have listened to the people as they confided in me their grievances, hopes and desires for their children and the country,” she said. “I have seen problems accumulating regarding education, health and security, critical property and housing issues, as well as the economy and opportunities to enter the labour force or start a business. etc. I have observed how the system often works to use laws and regulations to the detriment of those they are supposed to help.

“For these reasons I feel competent to defend St. Martin in my capacity as a lawyer, and solicit your support to become the representative who will examine and write the laws that will better serve you.

“I am ready to take up the battle in the hemicycle to let the representatives and the world know what the daily difficulties in St. Martin are. I will assist in building the structures necessary so that the attainable future of our islands is better guaranteed.”

She continued: “My mandate to represent the nation can only be attained by underscoring the uniqueness of our Collectivités, which deserved to be better listened to, treated and protected. We must maintain our efforts to obtain our rights to a fruitful autonomy and our cherished freedom advancing towards true economic dependence that will permit us to govern democratically, while respecting all levels of our diversified population.”

If elected, she said she would have no problem working with President Daniel Gibbs or President Bruno Magras in St. Barths. She noted she always follows the Territorial Council meetings and keeps abreast of social and political issues on a daily basis.

Other issues she would address if elected, included environmental matters, renewable energies, saving and protecting beaches, establishing a detention centre for adults, establishing a centre for child victims of violence and a Commissariat of Police.

On the judicial side, she highlighted a problem of people having to attend court cases in Guadeloupe, which cost an additional 550 to 650 euros, on top of airfare and hotel expenses. The costs mount up again if there is an appeal.

Geraldine Tell (36) has a background in administration, management and accounting.

Source: The Daily Herald