Change of guard

Minister of Justice Rafael Boasman received a visit from outgoing Chief Prosecutor Ton Maan and his replacement, incoming Chief Prosecutor Jeroen Steenbrink, on Wednesday.

Maan will relinquish the helm of the Prosecutor’s Office in St. Maarten, which he held for three years, effective January 1, 2018, as he returns to the Netherlands to take up a position there. Steenbrink takes charge of the office here from December 1 as Acting Chief Prosecutor and subsequently as Chief Prosecutor effective January 1, 2018. In his letter of November 1, Attorney General R.T. Bos said he is convinced that Steenbrink has the experience, expertise and personality to provide the necessary leadership and is capable of further expanding the ambitions of the Prosecutor’s Office in the context of crime prevention.

Source: The Daily Herald