CHATA applauds government’s efforts | THE DAILY HERALD

WILLEMSTAD—”It has been a rough and turbulent past few weeks due to COVID-19 crisis which translated into a lot of uncertainty within the hospitality industry and community, said Curaçao Hotel and Tourism Association CHATA, with its sector one of the most impacted that will continue to be volatile for the entire second quarter. The employers’ organisation also recognises the “courageous efforts and measures taken by government to ensure the safety, public health and well-being of all of us.” 

  CHATA’s focus since the beginning of the crisis has been on supporting its membership in various ways with a focus on liquidity (cash flow) and to secure jobs of 16.000 industry professionals. The association, as partner of the government for all tourism related affairs, has been in constant dialogue with the Ministry of Economic Development MEO to provide input on the support plan and sharing of data on the effects for the sector.

  A major concern has been addressed. The hospitality business, just like other affected industries, will be receiving assistance in the form of a subsidy to be able to comply with its employment obligations. This support will directly impact personnel by allowing them to keep their job and continue to receive income.

  “The labour support plan presented will be the driving force behind the survival of our industry. It will also help, to some extent, guarantee continuity by keeping the economic infrastructure of the company in place to enable a quicker comeback once the coronavirus threat has passed. This, in combination with the previously announced plans, are all important ingredients to be able to overcome the current crisis.”

 CHATA applauds government for the steps taken and hopes the Netherlands will quickly approve this plan for execution including an arrangement for the necessary funding. “Time is of the essence regarding this labour support proposal.”   

  The association invited all other economic sectors to support this initiative and proposal by government “and let us execute this plan to the best of our ability.”

  In the spirit of collaboration, CHATA, along with utilities provider Aqualectra, have also reached an agreement that is beneficial for members. It focuses on much-needed support to lower the monthly financial obligations during the crisis. “Therefore, CHATA also wants to extend gratitude to Aqualectra for recognising the urgency of the situation and willingness to help during such a difficult time.”

  “CHATA wants to encourage everyone to stay safe, be kind and be considerate during these troubled times; we are all in this together. This crisis will be the building ground to re-position Curaçao for a brighter future ahead.”

Source: The Daily Herald