Chief Minister reports on London, Brussels meetings


ANGUILLA–Chief Minister Victor Banks spoke to the media on Tuesday afternoon, reporting on his meetings with Department for International Development at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The meetings were to develop plans to ensure that certain conditions are in place for the grant funding of EC $232 million from the UK Government.

The primary projects will be the reconstruction of the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School and the construction of the Ferry Terminal at Blowing Point. He said discussions had been cordial. He reported that UK Financial Specialist Stephen Turnbull was in Anguilla now to ensure proper management of the funds.

Following the London talks, Banks, Deputy Governor Perin Bradley and Permanent Secretary Aidan Harrigan went to Brussels for four days of meetings. There were bi-lateral talks with the European Commission concerning the 2.8 million euros of funding under Envelope B for those countries that had disasters. The other meetings were with the Overseas Countries and Territories, where full support was given from the French, Dutch and Danish officials. He said one of the most important discussions had been on oceans and he suggested that the Overseas Territories have significant influence regarding this because of their locations.

Minister of Social Development Evans McNiel Rogers said that work is going ahead for the East End Clinic where two dental chairs have been installed. He said the Dental Unit in The Valley had been destroyed. The Valley Health Centre is to be developed into a polyclinic using some of the funding from the UK and there will be more services there including the main pharmacy.

Concerning the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Rogers reported a slight lull in development as they are waiting for shipments of flooring and panels for upgrading the electricity supply. A generator room has been built and work is to start on building a security wall on the western side of the hospital where the fence was blown down.

Source: The Daily Herald