Children parade to celebrate Revolution’s 50th Anniversary

ANGUILLA–On Friday children from all the schools in Anguilla, from pre-school to comprehensive, were on parade in The Valley. It was quite a spectacle with the national colours of orange, turquoise and white the main focus.

The parade was under the theme “All Things Anguillian” and celebrated the development that has taken place on the island over the past 50 years since the Anguilla Revolution. It showcased costumes and outfits from history including children in previous school uniforms. Hats were the focus for some schools and most had balloons or flags to wave.

The parade started at the Orealia Kelly Primary School and proceeded along the Queen Elizabeth Avenue, to the Wallblake roundabout, left to Canon Ball, to the traffic lights by Lake’s corner and then to the public library. All the way the children were well supported with crowds of people on the streets and parents and teachers supplying them with water as they went.


Source: The Daily Herald