Chinese restaurant robbed on Saturday | THE DAILY HERALD

Big Family Chinese restaurant in St. Peters.

  ST. PETERS–A man dressed in black robbed Big Family Chinese restaurant in St. Peters between 8:00 and 9:00pm Saturday. He remains at large.

  According to information received by The Daily Herald, a man dressed in black stormed into the restaurant on Saturday evening. The restaurant’s cashier was in the kitchen at the time and when she heard the commotion and realised a man had menacingly rushed into the establishment, she closed and locked the door separating the kitchen from the front area of the restaurant.

  The robber then gained access to the cash register and made off an undisclosed amount of money. It is unclear whether the man was armed.

  This newspaper understands patrons were also inside the restaurant during the robbery.

  Police confirmed the robbery, but did not provide additional details about the incident. Police also said no suspects had been arrested in connection with this case.

  Persons with information about the robbery or the suspect’s whereabouts are asked to contact police via tel. 1-721-524-2222.

Source: The Daily Herald