Christophe: No truth to talk about his going independent

PHILIPSBURG–The morning after the election the country woke to news that the National Alliance (NA) and the United People’s (UP) party, both with five seats in the incoming Parliament, had formed a coalition.

This was swiftly followed by wildfire talk in the community about current NA Member of Parliament Christophe Emmanuel going independent from NA because he was not happy to work with UP.

Emmanuel told The Daily Herald on Tuesday that he had “absolutely no intention” of leaving NA. He expressed curiosity about where the talk stemmed from. NA is “in a government with 10 seats … a stable government” for the country, he said.

“I ran in four elections with PPA [People’s Progressive Alliance – Ed.] and I got 60 votes if you put all together. I ran with the National Alliance for the first time in 2010 as the number 14 candidate and got 103 votes,” he said.

Emmanuel was employed in the NA fraction office in Parliament after that election. He contested the election with NA again in 2014 and earned 247 votes as the party’s number eight candidate. In the September 26, 2016, Parliamentary election he saw his votes increase to 258.

His votes have increased under NA, Emmanuel said, questioning how anyone could think, after looking at his career, that he would leave NA behind
Source: Daily Herald
Christophe: No truth to talk about his going independent