Class of 2017 brings hype for successful Prom Night

MAHO–The eventual Prom King rolled up in a self-made chariot, stretch limos rolled past Maho and parents gathered in droves to witness and cheer a parade of elegantly dressed students who attended Teen Times Prom Night 2017.

The event was held at Tantra nightclub on Sunday, June 25, and drew about 300 high school seniors who, as they were encouraged to do, created memories on Prom Night.

Teen Times Prom Night, a staple of the end-of-school-year activities for the past 21 years, bore the theme “Enchanted Forest” and Artemia Event Planners did not disappoint with its décor that transformed Tantra. Hanging vines and white draping were the central pieces in the venue, which was brought alive by lighting provided by Genesis Music Group.

While the décor set the mood, the students brought what Teen Times calls the Prom spirit. “We can easily say that the Class of 2017, although a bit smaller than other years, definitely brought their Prom Spirit to Prom Night 2017,” Teen Times coordinator Roosje Rommy-Richardson said. “They were hyped and fully into it from start to finish.”

No one was more “hyped” or “fully into it” than Caribbean International Academy (CIA) senior and eventual Prom King Tafari Lake, who raised Prom entrances to another level. Most of the students arrived at Prom in luxury vehicles and others such as Sundial School came together as a group in a Prom bus, but not Lake.

Lake decided he was going to be like a movie star and stand out. He arrived at Prom Night on a self-made chariot pulled by a four-wheeled ATV. He then stepped off his chariot and strutted his way to the Tantra entrance where he stopped, flung his “Enchanted Forest” cape to the floor and posed for photos before going into the Prom hall.

“Let’s just say, in terms of entrances to Prom that set the standard so far,” Rommy-Richardson said.

Students spent the rest of the night dancing to the tunes of Cut Creator DJ Outkast and special performances by soca stars King James and King Rumer.

Teen Times awarded Kyeanna Connor Prom Queen honours and Brianna Halley Best Dressed. Best Suit went to Walter Margarita and Best Couple were Malcolm Martes and Lakeisha Walwyn. Prom Prince went to Giovanni King and Prom Princess to Juliann Richardson.

All of the winners received prizes from Blue Point and randomly selected students also received gift pouches from the company as tokens of appreciation for their hard work.

Rommy-Richardson thanked all of the students and their parents for fully embracing the concept of Prom Night. She also thanked Artemia for “really bringing our event alive”; Bureau Telecommunication and Post, Genesis Music Group, The Daily Herald, host of the event Suppa Kid and Tantra Nightclub “for being such great hosts and always willing to work with Teen Times. To Manny and his crew: we owe you the world of thanks,” she concluded.

Source: The Daily Herald