Clean St. Martin collaborates with JCI SXM Action for clean-up Sat. | THE DAILY HERALD

Map showing the Pointe Blanche and Back Bay area.

MARIGOT—French- and Dutch-side associations have joined forces for a major clean-up to take place this coming Saturday, September 18, to mark World Clean-Up Day.

  Clean St. Martin is collaborating with JCI SXM Action to clean up the coastal area of Pointe Blanche in the Back Bay area. Volunteers are encouraged to join in.

  Starting from 8:30am. the clean-up will start from the beautiful natural pools in Back Bay, where one can see on the way – if anyone has been there recently – a sad spectacle of waste littering the beach which has been accumulating for several years.

  Access is via Pointe Blanche (not Guana Bay). A map is attached for guidance to get there. As access is quite physical, its recommended to wear light, loose-fitting sports clothes and sturdy trail shoes, or at least sport sneakers. Children are welcome but only if closely accompanied by their parents.

  Drinks and snacks will be offered to participants. Organisers remind participants not to forget to bring water bottles, appropriate shoes, protection against the sun (sunscreen, long-sleeve T-shirt, caps or hats with good coverage) and gloves. Plenty of gloves will be available on site as well.

  The more participants there are, the less round trips to be made and the faster it will take to remove all the waste. So, come on! Let's roll up our sleeves and get rid of all this trash once and for all!

  This initiative is supported by Sint Maarten Nature Foundation and the Meadowlands company. For more information, call (1-721) 587-0018 or (+33) 631 967 181.

Source: The Daily Herald