Clyde van Putten warned for using profane language | THE DAILY HERALD

Progressive Labour Party (PLP) Island Councilman Clyde van Putten (right) shaking hands with independent Island Councilman Nicolaas “Koos” Sneek during the swearing-in ceremony of the Island Council of St. Eustatius in October 2020. (File photo)


ST. EUSTATIUS–Progressive Labour Party (PLP) Island Councilman Clyde van Putten used profane language during an incident with independent Councilman Nicolaas “Koos” Sneek during Monday’s Island Council meeting.

  Van Putten uttered a strong curse towards Sneek during a discussion about the recent awarding of a contract to company Blues and Blues Ltd. of Anguilla to provide ferry service between St. Eustatius, Saba, St. Maarten and St. Kitts.

  As a result, chairperson of the meeting Government Commissioner Alida Francis issued a warning to Van Putten, stating that she “does not and will not accept this type of behaviour in the public domain.”

  Francis stated that profanity is not allowed in official meetings and should there be a repeat of this conduct, Van Putten would be requested to exit the meeting.

  All Island Council members were asked to compose themselves as they were “in the public domain.”

  Van Putten issued an apology to the public during the meeting, stating that the use of profane words is unbecoming of an “honourable member of this house.”

  He said that he had become “a bit agitated” and used an obscene word. He apologised to the speaker, the council and the public, and pleaded that the profanity be stricken from the record.

  After the meeting Van Putten released a public statement in which he offered a second apology for the incident between himself and opposition member Sneek. “As a result of this incident I used obscene language that was unacceptable and unbecoming of a member of the Island Council.” He apologised to the people of Statia and “everyone around the world who were viewing the meeting live on social media.”
  He said the public holds their representatives to a higher standard and it was a lack of judgement on his part to use an obscene word during the meeting.

  Van Putten said he believed that he has disappointed the people of Statia because of this incident. “I strongly and deeply apologise for this word and I want to assure you, the people of St. Eustatius, that this will never again occur on my part.”

Source: The Daily Herald