Coalition asks for more time

WILLEMSTAD–Curaçao’s PS/PAIS/PNP/Sulvaran coalition has asked Governor Lucille George-Wout for more time to complete negotiations with opposition party PAR to join their government, which has lost its majority in Parliament. The governor had asked for clarity by noon Monday, but was informed of the latest developments by the Council of Ministers shortly before that and agreed to wait a few days.

PAR, with two seats in the legislature, wants the Economic Development portfolio that is now in the hands of PAIS-Minister Stanley Palm. The latter party would be willing to relinquish this post considering that it was its fraction member Marilyn Moses who went independent and withdrew her support from the Whiteman-cabinet in the first place.

At an earlier stage in the talks PAR also asked for the right to designate a Minister Plenipotentiary in the Netherlands and replace the controversial Marvelyne Wiels. “Pueblo Soberano” (PS), which nominated Wiels, was not prepared to do that.

However, it seems PAR would now be satisfied if PS appoints someone else at the Curaçao House. The main thing is that Wiels must step down and PNP is reportedly willing to let PAR have its post of deputy plenipotentiary minister instead.

Prime Minister Ben Whiteman (PS) and the other ministers visited the governor to update her on the situation. If an agreement is reached, the Council of Ministers will still resign and be replaced by a revamped Whiteman-cabinet II, backed by 12 of 21 seats in the legislature.

PAR-leader Zita Jesus-Leito said a “formateur” will first have to be named after consultations with the President of Parliament and the Vice-chairperson of the Advice Council (the governor is formally the chair-Ed). Technically it regards the forming of a new government, so the current governing accord and programme are also likely to be adjusted.

On December 12 PS will choose a new political leader to succeed the party’s murdered co-founder Helmin Wiels.

Source: The Daily Herald Coalition asks for more time