Coast Guard training starts | THE DAILY HERALD

Part of the entrance.

WILLEMSTAD–Last Friday students of the new basic Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard BOK training course marched into Curaçao’s Parera naval base after four intensive training weeks.

On January 20, 18 young people from Aruba, Curaçao and St. Maarten started the BOK with the aim of a career at the Coast Guard. During the training weeks they were challenged both physically and mentally.

Under the guidance of instructors, these youngsters spent the past four weeks in different camps, marched for miles, swam, cooked, kayaked, built rafts, followed programmes in the classroom and completed amphibious exercises.

Their final exercise took place on the night of Thursday, February 13 to 14 and ended with an advance at Parera. Many future colleagues stood on either side of the entrance to receive them with loud applause.

Now the students will start the next part of the course, namely nautical education.

Source: The Daily Herald