COCI lauds PWR Agency’s ‘#BeReady’ campaign | THE DAILY HERALD

Stanley Lint.

PHILIPSBURG–St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry (COCI) board president Stanley Lint lauds the initiative of local business enterprise Produce Wealth Revolution (PWR) Agency, with its #BeReady campaign for the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season. Lint said in a press release that the PWR Agency recognises the catastrophic damage that was caused by Hurricane Irma a year ago and recognises the importance of being prepared during the hurricane season which can never be understated.

“We are currently in the peak period of the hurricane season. The month of September is considered the busiest month of the season. Even though several entities that make forecast for the season are saying that we can expect a below-average season, like the government of St. Maarten campaign says: “it only takes one to make it a bad hurricane season,” Lint said. “We need to continue to keep this in the back of our mind and don’t become complacent. The business community needs to be able to execute their hurricane contingency plans that would ensure their business operations is protected and secured and once the all-clear has been given by the authorities, the business community can get back to business as quickly as possible,” Lint added.

The PWR Agency campaign is designed to bring awareness and inform the business community about affordable ways to protect different facets of their operations allowing for a speedy bounce back to business.

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season officially started on June 1, and the country is now going through the peak period of the season. The sixth and seventh named storms of the season Florence and Gordon are currently churning out in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and it is a stark reminder that the hurricane season is here and that the business community must be prepared, the release said.

Hurricanes generate a series of threats to life and property. The most obvious is the threat posed to buildings, equipment, and people due to high winds and storm surge.

Lint reiterated the main points that need to be in place by the St. Maarten business community in the event of a hurricane threat to the country; that businesses are prepared to take quick action to secure their facilities; that law enforcement has a plan in place for pre-arrival of a storm and post-hurricane strike security plans to protect the main business sectors from looting and businesses are able to reopen and provide services and products thereby bringing a semblance of normalcy to the community/customers and visitors to the island – business continuity.

COCI is calling on employees of all businesses to have plans in place and for business owners and employees to work together to take quick action in the event of a hurricane strike since we are now in the peak weeks of the hurricane season.

Source: The Daily Herald