Coliseum Casino Casino staff spot culprits on roof | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Security staff of Coliseum Casino on Front Street spotted two suspicious men dressed in dark clothing who seemed intent on robbing the business, on the roof of the building at 12:30am Thursday.

The police were informed immediately, and several patrols were sent to investigate the situation.

One patrol spotted a man fitting the description of one of the suspects on Back Street. This man took off running through the Philipsburg area, chased by a police officer on foot. This suspect was caught in the vicinity of Oranje Primary School and was arrested on the spot.

Several items such as a mask, firearm and gloves, among other items which can be used to commit a robbery, were found in his possession during a search of this suspect. These items were confiscated for further investigation.

The entire area was searched for the second suspect, but he was not located.

The suspect who was arrested remains in custody for further investigation by the Special Robbery Unit.

Source: The Daily Herald